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India, post-election

They, the people, they may seem like duffers for a whole 5 years, with just one little bi-decadal tool left in their kitty. They call it by the name Universal suffrage. They acted and flushed out the undeserving to give a new political outlook to the world's largest democratic country, India.

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) led by Narendra Modi bagged a whopping 335 seats. After 1984 a single party won majority in the national election, despite the crowding in of dozens of new national and regional parties. The Bharatia Janata party bagged 282 seats and can go about establishing a government all by itself.

With 59 seats, the ruling UPA settled for a second position, still a major embarrassment considering the 38 seats bagged single handed by Tamil Nadu's Jayalalitha led AIADMK. AIADMK will take over the role of the main opposition party as UPA recedes to the pit in the absence of any resolute leadership with Sonia Gandhi preparing to quit as the UPA chairperson. While BJP's victory was sealed by the Modi revolution backed by great media support, the coffin of UPA was nailed by the popular intolerance towards dynasty politics and scams.

The popular backlash was well reflected in the poor election performance of over 30 central ministers and the absolute wipe out of Indian National Congress from regions such as Rajasthan, Gujarat and Delhi. BJP's anti-corruption and pro-development motto and the ability to suppress differences and assemble under a single leadership won votes from all quarters.

The Ram janm bhumi argument was given a controversial facelift by the party to assure that voters backing the Hindutva agenda are pocketed. Despite the challenges posed by a much feared return of the communalist agenda under the saffron party, the secular Indian public can be comforted by the fact that it will be refereed by an ambitious opposition led by AIADMK, hoping to spread its wings to a national level in a non-coalition mode.

The so called third front (a misfit vocabulary now, given that the left leaders who gave shape to the concept is completely out of the picture) would be happy to unite under the AIADMK led by Jayalalitha, given that she has proved her prowess. Nothing but idiocy and stupidity can describe the failure of the Left.

Over reliance on a near to expiry ideology, lack of humility to accept the proven model of development or revise it appropriately and the lack of dexterity to define a new marketing strategy that suits the need of the emerging India reasons the decimation of the Left. It is a pity that the left front was not left with any visionary leadership that could make appropriate use of multiple political opportunities such as corruption, religious extremism and party infighting that plagued the other leading political parties of India. The result was a 8 seat in Kerala plus an abominable 1 seat win in West Bengal, questionings its vey credibility to be considered a national party.

The BJP's take over is expected to send a strong message against rising Islamist extremism, though the equations with Pakistan may go into a tail spin. On the development arena, whether the Gujarat model is replicated or not, India will continue to surge with the current agenda needing no much ingredients, but un-adulteration, ambition and warm diplomatic ties.

Though it was able to stir only minor waves in elections, the presence of an ambitious Aam Aadmi Party has triggered alertness of all political parties to scams.  With AAP heading the new censor board, families of India can happily sit back and evaluate the fresh five years lease that has too many promises to fulfil and miles to tread. The ousted leaders may now think of taking Air India's subsidised budget trip to Rome and Milan.

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