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About Us

The one stop shop for news..!!

Company Overview

The Transmitter is a UK based online news website that caters to international audience. The site is updated on a daily basis to bring in latest news events and happenings around the world in most untampered manner to all our users. Besides information on news and events, the site also incorporates information on Travel and Living, Latest Gadgets and Technology, Fashion, Astrology, Entertainment etc. In short our site has something for everyone. It is an interesting hub that caters equally to the quest for knowledge and entertainment. Our prime motive is to cater to the interest of all types of online audience. The Transmitters is also a sibling of Tamil that caters to the news interests of the Tamil community.Read more about Tamil here:

 Core Team

Sivanesan Matchendran: He is a software engineer by profession. He is the advisory head of the Transmitter Group and a constant inspirer of all developments related to the site.

Arun Alappad : He is an Engineer, with a passion for automobiles and technology. He is a movie buff and a film critic. He closely follows the latest developments in the film industry world over.

Sethuraman S: He is an avid football fan. Supporting the red half of Manchester, football forms a huge chunk of his life. Outside of sport Sethu enjoys sketching and listening to music, and firmly believes that he will one day take over the world with his ‘Channa’ (word yet to be included in Urban dictionary).

Ann Mary John: She is an economist and has deep set interest in international political and economic state of affairs. She is a close follower of dynamics in the world of fashion and takes interest in travel, music and poetry.




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