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Suarez apologizes to Chiellini
Liverpool strikes Luis Suarez has reportedly apologized to Giorgio Chiellini for biting him during the Uruguay-Italy World Cup match. The Uruguay forward was handed a nine-match suspension and a four month ban following the incident.
Russia and Ukraine agree to work towards extension of cease fire
Leaders of Ukraine and Russia have agreed to work on a bilateral ceasefire to allay conflicts in eastern Ukraine. The negotiations will also focus on setting up effective border controls. The decision to negotiate a bilateral ceasefire was agreed followin
Obama seeks USD500 million funding for Syria rebels
US President Barack Obama as urged the Congress to approve USD500 million aid to train opposition forces in Syria. Obama is hopeful that the funds would help strengthen Syrian opposition against President Bashar al-Assad.
Ban to keep Suarez off from rest of the World Cup
Uruguay striker Luis Suarez was handed a four month suspension for biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini. The player will be banned from nine international matches preventing him from appearing for Uruguay in the rest of the 2014 Fifa World Cup matches
Putin revokes decision to military intervene in Ukraine
Russian President Vladimir Putin urged the parliament to revoke the decision to make a military intervention in Ukraine where Russian separatists are fighting with Ukraine security forces. Putin announced the decision to militarily intervene with the hope
Kerry rules out possibility of a military solution in Iraq
US Secretary of state John Kerry said there could be no military solution to fix Iraq crisis. Mr Kerry said the only possibility is to set up a new government that empowers people in northern and western Iraq which is now under the control of the Isis.
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