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Ferdinand warns Rooney of moving away from Old Trafford in search of success

Jose Mourinho is keen to make a statement by bringing Wayne Rooney to Stamford Bridge

Rio Ferdinand has warned Wayne Rooney about moving elsewhere in search of success.Barcelona and Chelsea are ahead of the pack in the race to sign Wayen Rooney should he intend to leave Manchester United. Barcelona are hoping they can include a Thiago plus cash deal for Rooney while Mourinho is rumoured to be ready to offer the star striker  £2,40,000 a week 5 year deal.

The Manchester United defender says he has had many offers from clubs over his 11 year career at Old Trafford but has never had the temptation to move away.

"I don't see where you go better from here. For instance, Cristiano [Ronaldo] has been ridiculous as a football player individually, but has he won more trophies since leaving than what we've won? That's the way I look at it. I wouldn't say that he shouldn't have gone there; it was his dream to go there, so you have to respect that. But I just look at things in a black and white way: I want to win trophies so why would I leave here?

"Who am I going to go to who is going to win more trophies than us? Obviously you could say that Barcelona have won more trophies but I'm in my country where I'm from, and you're proud when you win the league in your country."

"I've had loads of offers over the years to go to other football clubs but I've never really wanted to go anywhere. I came to Man United for one simple reason and that was to win trophies, so I could retire and say how many trophies I've won and look back and say I've made a success of my career. That's all you do, and I'm sure most young players, or players in their prime, when they're asked to come to Manchester United, that should be the question they ask themselves: 'Have I got a chance to win?' Do you want to be part of that history of the club? Normally the answer is yes."

Ferdinand also said he believes Rooney is mature enough to take a wise decision on his future.

"I think when someone is at your club who has been there for the length of time he's been there – I think this is his ninth season, so he's more than clued up to understand the dynamics of the club and what goes on at the club, and so he's mature enough now and old enough to make his own mind up."

Rio also claimed he would never play for another club in England. When asked if he would prefer to finsih at United he responded

 "I'd like to, yeah. I wouldn't play for anyone else in England. I wouldn't want to come to Old Trafford as an away player – it just wouldn't feel right. If I played for another team, it would have to be abroad."

"There are only a few clubs in the world that set the demands that this club sets, and I think the top players want that on their shoulders – they want what the club, the history and the fans at the time demand, as well as what the individuals at the club demand of each other. You can only probably count on one hand the amount of clubs that have got that within their walls, and we're one of them."

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